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Episode #20 - 01 August 2012 - 4 comments

Keep it simple

Today another review of a game played by one of our loyal fans: Helge Böger. His name on KGS is 'Moin9' and his rank is 1kyu.

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Thanks a lot . I get a lot of inspiration from your lectures. I also like the sense of humor in the lectures and the relax atmosphere

On 04 August 2012 by Guclu

You are right Guclu!!! What nice to get this mixture of pro games, fun reviews and cristal clear explanations in my sleepless nights!!! ;=))) Let's "Keep it simple!!"

On 26 October 2012 by Vince

I liked this lecture as well. The explanation on uncommon joseki is very good. Sometimes, I wonder if uncommon corner variations can be called joseki just because they were played by professionals. It is certainly possible that they were merely experimenting with such variations in their games, and that consensus may be that they are bad. Nevertheless, these are just minor details. If professionals think it was the best move at the time, I think it's probably good enough for amateur players at my level. Btw, can you share which Go databases you use when you search for game patterns? Thanks!

On 02 January 2013 by Collateral

Nice comment Collateral. And indeed we are happy as amateurs to play professional level moves, although of course they can mess up as well. We mainly use gobase and kombilo as searching tools. The games we feed to kombilo come from different sources: gogod, our own collection and a few others.

On 08 January 2013 by Peter

Inagaki Koichi vs Sakai Michiharu View sgf Download sgf

Ishigure Ikuro vs Tozawa Akinobu View sgf Download sgf

Takagi Shoichi vs Kudo Norio View sgf Download sgf

Zhao Xinghua vs Ding Wei View sgf Download sgf

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