baduk Which side to block?
Episode #107 - 04 November 2013 - 5 comments

Which side to block? By Cho Hye Yeon 9p

After your tobi or keima enclosed 4-4 stone is invaded at san-san you have a choice. A or B? Which side to block? Level: 3k to 4d

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Very nice episode again guys!! You are still alive and kicking!! Nice to see your consistency... cya,

On 05 November 2013 by Vince from France

Perhaps my favourite episode yet! Keep it up!

On 12 November 2013 by Clizz

Hey Baduk Movie Team, i really like your videos! I hope you will be more recognized by the Go players around the world ;) Maybe you could do a video about moves which players shouldn't play. As a bad example, playing a peep against a bambus formation. I wish you good luck and thank you for your great work!

On 15 November 2013 by Robert P.

Hey Robert P. Thanks for the suggestion. It's always dangerous to focus too much on the mistakes, personally I think it's probably best to highlight good moves instead of bad moves most of the time, since the audience will then remember the good ones better. The danger of having bad moves as a starting point is that the audience might remember those more than the good ones. But nevertheless I like your idea (afterall making mistakes is the only way to get better!) and I think we will do a lesson about bad shapes! Cheers and all the best

On 19 November 2013 by Kim aka Murugandi

very very nice episode! thanks

On 25 December 2013 by Johannes
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